HS300 aluminium housed resistor

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HS200, HS250 & HS300
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  • Power Dissipation: 300 watts
  • Value Range: From R01 to 68K
  • Tolerance Options: From ±1% to ±10%
  • TCR Options: ±25ppm - 100ppm/°C (re ohmic value)
  • Maximum Voltage: 2.5kVdc
  • Dielectric Strength: 5kVac

Special features:福彩3d字谜图谜总汇牛彩网采摘网 Stocked extensively in distribution.Non inductive and various terminal options available

Product description

300 watt aluminium housed power resistor. Manufactured to meet the requirements of MIL 15546 and IEC 115 and are of course RoHS compliant.

福彩3d字谜图谜总汇牛彩网采摘网Designed for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance.