FPA2K Thick Film Power Resistor

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FPA2K 1-18
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  • Value Range: From 1R to 6k
  • Tolerance Options: J (±5%) and K (±10%)
  • TCR Options: ±150ppm
  • Maximum Voltage: 5kVdc - others available on request not exceeding maximum power

Special features:福彩3d字谜图谜总汇牛彩网采摘网 2000 Watt operating power, Non-Inductive Design, High insulation and partial discharge performance, Materials in accordance with UL94-V0, RoHS Compliant,

Product description

福彩3d字谜图谜总汇牛彩网采摘网For variable speed drivers, power supplies, control devices, robotics, motor control and other power designs. The easy mounting fixture guarantees an auto calibrated pressure to the cooling plate of approx. 300N.