ARC2 – 15 thick film resistor

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  • Power Dissipation: 17 watts
  • Value Range: From 3K2 to 30G
  • Tolerance Options: From ±0.1% to ±10%
  • TCR Options: From 15ppm/°C to 200ppm/°C
  • Maximum Voltage: 54kVdc
  • Dielectric Strength: >1kVac

Special features:福彩3d字谜图谜总汇牛彩网采摘网 Very high voltage for use in air. For aggressive environments please consult with company regarding application areas.

Product description

This is a 17 watts precision, very high voltage resistor, with wire leads for PCB mounting. A combination of tight TCR, low resistor tolerance and high ohmic value make this almost unique in the market.